Highly experienced leadership consultants and international business coaches, Janet Poot and Caroline Allertz, have designed an effective an inspirational programme for those working from home during the corona crisis. It is tailored to the needs of each person whether they hold managerial or operational roles.

Current scenario
Employees across the board are suffering from anxiety and although they may feel safer working remotely or in isolation, it can be very difficult to sustain their energy levels and be productive.

Not being able to rely on team work, nor having the benefit of quick sharing of ideas or issues in a ‘live’ face to face setting or sharing social moments is taking its toll on people of all levels of seniority.
Another aspect, and possibly the most difficult for many in this situation is that they need to be more proactive than ever, taking initiatives and setting personal and professional objectives in an environment where their agenda is not dictated by a high demand, but by a lack of it.

For companies this means that this time of working from home has the risk of being lost time. When employees return to more normal circumstances it is likely that many will not be in the frame of mind that enables them to achieve a flying start to compensate for incurred losses.

Alternative scenario
A better scenario would be that employees use this time to learn to become more proactive.
It should be a phase in which they establish a different level of contact with colleagues that transcends commiseration and instead lifts spirits and encourages creative thought.
It should be a time in which employees can build resilience and come back feeling stronger thanks to new insights, their plans to do things differently and a focus on more strategic opportunities.

Confidence and optimism should be enhanced as colleagues learn to connect differently with others, build their networks and learn the art of focusing on achievable plans and outcomes.
Those who are not in leadership roles use this time to become more independent and self-reliant.

Those in leadership roles know how to encourage and inspire not only themselves but also others at a time of heightened concern and uncertainty.

Proposed framework
The transition from the scenario of lost time to the better one as described above should be facilitated now.

As experts in the field of leadership and tailored business coaching, we would love to contribute to people’s growth at this time instead of the market’s current focus on mere coping mechanisms.

We fully understand that budgets are tight and many will be frozen. With this in mind we have created a framework that is low-threshold due to the reduced fee, practical approach and ability to complete the personalised programme without leaving the home office environment.

* Each person will be given support to:Set personal objectives
* Achieve a clear focus
* Establish an effective work pattern and method
* Enhance their professional development
* Feel energised

Programme Contents
A questionnaire is sent to the employee for completion prior to the 1st session.
3 individual sessions of one hour by phone / zoom / whatsapp
Assignments to be completed prior to each session and discussed during the sessions
The direct time investment asked of each participant is 6,5 hours
Rate: € 600 excl VAT per individual programme, including the assignments and our preparation time

If you are interested in making this opportunity available to specific employees in managerial or other positions, they can contact us at j.poot@jpcint.com
We will then give them a clear explanation of the framework offered to them. Details will include our approach, key topics and how we will work together.
We will subsequently send them a questionnaire in preparation of our first telephone session.  



Janet Poot and Caroline Allertz