Leadership Themes

Executives are expected to be visionary leaders, masters at simplifying complex issues, inspirational drivers of change, charismatic communicators, strategic and externally focused thinkers and the most influential of networkers. A challenging list!

We assist managers to excel in specific areas and to increase their influence where most needed both nationally and across borders. We coach in both English and Dutch. If our clients are based in different countries we offer a combination of telephone sessions, e-learning modules and assignments.

We focus on 4 key leadership themes (scroll down for descriptions):

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A Different Kind of Leader:

Key Topics:

This world of disruption, in which artificial intelligence continues to gain ground, requires a different kind of leader. In our courses we put you centre stage as we address current developments, dilemmas and opportunities.


Topics include:

  • Accelerating progress in a world of disruption
  • Building a strong identity
  • Developing a clear focus & approach
  • Modern team & intergenerational leadership
  • Reputation management
  • Moral leadership

Change Management:

Key Topics:

Suitable strategies, models and approaches are required to facilitate ongoing change in a world that has become intolerant of more of the same. We take a practical approach to dealing with change in different environments and settings.

Topics include:

  • Leading change in a VUCA environment
  • Connecting with and influencing different corporate cultures
  • Facilitating ongoing change
  • Transitioning to a new operating model
  • Guiding processes
  • New stakeholder management

Influential Communication:

Key Topics:

In fast-paced business environments speeches must be outstanding in both content, clarity and delivery. Written and spoken messages need to resonate with different age groups. Leaders should master different styles to project agility and an ability to adapt to different audiences.

Topics include

  • Charismatic speech for fast-paced environments
  • Intercultural communication skills
  • Interest-based negotiating
  • Words and phrases that build trust
  • Identifying pitfalls
  • Mastering different styles for different settings

Broad-Based Diversity:

Key Topics:

In a world of talent scarcity, offering employees the right circumstances to develop their talents, will become an organisation’s greatest competitive advantage. Acquiring the right talent will also require of organisations that they accommodate an open workforce; multiple types of employer – worker contracts.

Topics include:

  • Modern-day principles of talent development and retention
  • Diversity – facilitating and stimulating progress
  • Gender diversity
  • Cultural diversity
  • Generational diversity
  • Neuro diversity